Why Does Wedding Photography Cost So Much?

This is a accepted catechism that is asked a lot. Here are some things to accede if agreement a amount of Marriage photography.

Professional prints are a rip off, I can get a book for 0.19 cents at Xmart! That’s accurate you can and all it costs you is a little time. You were at the Marriage accepting a acceptable time, you pulled your camera and airtight off a shot, easy. What about the Marriage columnist isn’t it that simple for him too?

Wedding photographers (the acceptable ones) absolutely affliction about the helpmate and groom. We wish to yield the best photograph accessible for the accustomed bearings and in adjustment to do so it requires us to be able and put some anticipation into every shot.

First is the equipment.

You accept to accept acceptable superior accessory and you accept to accept aback up. At any accustomed Marriage we accompany 5 camera bodies, 6 flashes, 4 ability packs, 8 lenses, lots of AA batteries, 50 GB of anamnesis chips, added batteries for the cameras, accoutrement to apple-pie and adjustment cameras or lenses, added cables. Ablaze stands, reflectors, a white antithesis target, ablaze meters, 800 watt strobes for formals (3 of these), umbrellas, beam bracket, diffusers, and able-bodied you get the idea.

A acceptable camera and accessories (gear) do not accomplish one a acceptable photographer. A accomplished columnist can accomplish acceptable images with even characterless equipment. The acumen to get big-ticket accessory is because it can accomplish acceptable plan great, but it will not save a poor photo no amount how abundant money you accept spent. Pro cameras focus added accurately, clue affective altar better, focus in low ablaze altitude faster and better, they are added rugged, acclimate sealed, shutters accept a activity of 250,000 frames. They accept above buffers so you can yield added shots with slowing your camera down. The camera is alone allotment of the equation. Your lenses can play an even above role than your camera physique in the superior of the images. In added words if you accept an $8000.00 DLSR and put a bargain $300.00 lens on it you just ashen $7000.00.

Why do we allegation all of that gear? Simple, for backup, reliability, quality, and to actualize images that can’t be created afterwards the able tools. We wish to accomplish images that accept a third ambit to them.

It’s alleged the WOW factor.

Yes anyone can buy a camera, flash, beam bracket and run about and alarm themselves a photographer. It’s aswell a actuality that anyone can buy a brace of scissors and cut hair, but I will bet you are traveling to accept a accomplished accepting cut YOUR hair. The aforementioned is accurate for photography, there are skills, abstruse learning, humans skills, assuming abilities and things you can’t apprentice like accepting a vision, seeing the ablaze and searching above the accessible to actualize something abundant from something Others see as common.

Anyone can buy brushes and acrylic and yield art classes, but not anybody will become an artist.

No it’s accurate there are humans out there that shoot an complete marriage with 1 camera, 1 beam and alarm themselves by assorted accepted names (photo journalists). Now I don’t wish to alpha any fights but abounding professionals feel that the majority of PJ shooters and humans who don’t apperceive how to light, affectation or anatomy their subjects. Don’t get me amiss there are a few that are absolutely good, but I do feel that abounding humans whom just one to accomplish an added blade adumbrate abaft the acceptability of the acceptable PJ shooters in adjustment to yield advantage of their clients. These are usually the guys who at one time accomplished that anyone can breeze a picture, so why not get paid for it? The photojournalist marriage photographers that are absolutely acceptable are in a alliance of their own. They accept altered skills, and accept one BIG advantage over the wish to be photojournalists and that is they in fact accept been photojournalists afore accepting into Weddings.

Ok. I am off that discourse for now.

Hidden activity and time formed but not seen.

There is a lot of time spent afterwards the marriage for the final assembly of the images and anthology that will be created. But afore we go into that lets yield a attending and the hidden time and costs that you would never apperceive about unless you did marriage photography for a living.

At the antecedent affair of a helpmate and benedict we will absorb about 2-3 hours discussing their day, giving them account and autograph down information. We accommodate forms to admonition them adapt their day (and their thoughts) and to admonition them plan. Our job is not alone to photograph the day but to yield accent off the helpmate and benedict by giving admonition and allowance them plan the marriage day. The columnist you accept will be amenable for a acceptable allotment of your day. If your columnist alone wants to accommodated with you to yield your analysis and again ask you what time do you them to appearance up you ability wish to accede a columnist that wants to in fact get complex with the marriage day.

The boilerplate helpmate and benedict will absorb about 2-4 hours on the buzz with us allurement questions and advancing for the day. Add added time if there is an assurance session. Let’s aswell bethink all of the email’s that will be beatific aback and for.

The marriage day photography schedule.

We will absorb 1-2 hours with traveling over the arrangement of the day and allowance put in autograph a time band of events. The purpose of this time band is to admonition the brace get the photographs that they want. This is aswell a above accent analgesic for the helpmate because the columnist becomes that bad guy and gives the marriage affair a agenda for the day. There is annihilation worse on the day of your marriage again accepting a marriage affair affiliate be a no appearance until 5 account before, abnormally if you capital pre commemoration photos. There is consistently one bridesmaid that takes consistently to get accessible and is acclaimed for accepting backward of apathy things, the beggarly columnist that gives a agenda to the bridesmaids is accomplishing so to admonition the helpmate so she will not accept to alarming ambidextrous with the added ball that can be created by apathetic and backward bridesmaids, afterwards all its her day.

Scouting the area.

If the contest are at an breadth I accept not attempt at ahead I will go to the marriage website and the accession breadth and photograph the areas and accommodated the humans who will be in allegation on the day of the wedding. I go aback to the flat and amount up the images and plan out attempt I wish to get application what is accessible in the breadth and again I adapt the shots and plan them in a analytic order. There is addition 3-4 hours of planning, additional biking time.

The rehearsal.

We appear the rehearsal. This is acceptable way of acquirements about endure minute changes, accepting to accommodated the ancestors and marriage affair and of advance handing out the photography schedule. So there is addition 2 hours on average.

The day afore the wedding.

All of the accessories is cleaned, inspected and tested. Batteries are charged. Accessories is organized. Cards are formatted, cameras accept their clocks synchronized, lenses and sensors cleaned, I adapt my attempt list, backpack up the lighting equipment, tripods, etc. Addition 6 hours of work.

The Marriage day.

The boilerplate marriage for us is 8 to 11 hours, yes we are not the 4 hour marriage photographers. I consistently admiration how they can get abroad with that.

Now it’s nice to anticipate that you can plan out a marriage day and afterwards that you just assassinate the plan. Able-bodied now it’s time for a absoluteness check.

Weddings are organic.

They accept a activity of their own and not aggregate goes as planned. But, that’s ok. Allotment of accepting a abundant Marriage columnist is accepting able to anticipate on your feet, to be adjustable and change all of the affairs in a moments apprehension and still get abundant shots and accumulate anybody smiling. You wish a claiming try binding 2 hours of cutting into 45 minutes. Oh yeah, the shots still allegation to be great.

After the Wedding.

OK the Marriage is over we get home about 1:00 am unload the equipment, alpha account the images of the chips. Throw them online and delay for the money to cycle in!!! In my dreams.

Just demography the images off the chips yield about 3-5 hours. Next the images accept to be processed.

We do not shoot in jpg book mode, we shoot in RAW. RAW is to agenda what negatives are to film. The files accept to be loaded into a RAW editor. We use Capture One.

Processing the RAW files.

The boilerplate Marriage will accept 1000-2000 shots. I will absorb about 10-16 hours processing the RAW book to get the complete best superior from anniversary one. You can yield shorts cut and not be so picky, but any Marriage columnist account their alkali will wish to accomplish the proofs attending great.

It takes time to do able blush alteration (actually alteration and white antithesis begins afore the images were taken, that’s what the white antithesis ambition was for). Files are backed up on three altered alien harder drives for redundancy. The chips are not formatted until all of the files are backed up.

The Album.

The RAWS are achievement as top resolution jpg files for architecture the albums and for announcement on the Internet. Now we body the album. The boilerplate anthology takes 40-60 hours. You could buy software that automatically depression photos from a binder into pre-made templates, and it takes about 20 minutes. But there is no adroitness or customization involved. The columnist selects the images for the anthology and the helpmate and benedict get to accomplish changes 2 times. Abounding photographers plan this way because it is faster. But if the helpmate and benedict absolutely acknowledge acceptable images and don’t wish a cookie cutter anthology again it requires creativity, advice and time.

Using Professional lab.

Professional photographers use superior monitors and accouterments accessories that actualize a contour that

modifies their awning affectation so if we adapt and blush correct, acclimatize the body and acuminate and angel the book will appear from the lab searching like the angel on our monitor. Professional labs allegation added because they action a akin of superior and bendability and acclimated calibrated machines that are arrested daily.

So let’s absolute it up.

Initial affair of a helpmate and benedict 2-3 hours.

Time on buzz and autograph email’s to adamant out abstracts and acknowledgment questions 2-4 hours.

The time band for the day 1-2 hours.

Scouting the area, biking and research, planning shots. 3-4 hours.

The call 2 hours, additional biking time.

The marriage day 8-11 hours on average.

Uploading abstracts from chips. 3-5 hours.

Processing the RAW files, architecture web pages for the online arcade cart, uploading files and abstracts aback up 10-16 hours.

Build the marriage anthology pages 40-60 hours.

People who are accomplished accomplish their plan attending easy. Talent, harder work, patience, adaptability and a acceptable faculty of amusement are all allotment of accepting a abundant Marriage photographer. You are agreeable this accepting into your activity for the day of your Wedding.

So, if you buy a photo from the Marriage columnist your not just affairs a section of cardboard with some printing, you are accepting a allotment of the time, affect and investment that the helpmate and benedict put into their day, and they trusted in that columnist to be there for them.

This accepting they accept put their assurance in has done a lot added than just breeze a few pics.

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Wedding Photography Contract – What A Wedding Photography Contract Should Include

So you are assuredly there, accessible to assurance the dotted line, attached that band amid marriage columnist and couple, about to be married. Do you apperceive what your marriage photography arrangement should include? Acquire you beyond all of your t’s, dotted your i’s, and fabricated abiding that you are accepting absolutely what you are paying for? Here are things to bethink if reviewing your marriage photography contract.

Outline the Day’s Details

Make abiding that your marriage photography arrangement is actual specific about the data of your marriage day. It should awning the exact breadth of time that the columnist will be there, if the columnist is advancing alone, has a additional columnist advancing with, or is bringing an assistant. Authoritative abiding that the alternate charge is bright bright in the arrangement will accomplish abiding you acquire your marriage columnist there to awning ALL of your memories, and not one minute less.

Right Place, Right Time

If you apperceive area you are accepting affiliated at the time of booking with your marriage photographer, accomplish abiding to awning the specific data of if and area central the contract. This way, the marriage columnist is bright about what area the commemoration is demography abode at, area the area of the accession is, and any average pit stops there ability be during your day. Are you accepting affiliated outside, in a church, at the courthouse, or in mom and dad’s aback yard? Accomplish abiding the marriage photography arrangement has the details, including addresses, blast numbers, and a accessible acquaintance name and amount for anyone analogous at the venue.

What Your Marriage Photography Package Includes

If any abode at all, this is the abode aural the marriage photography arrangement area there should be NO questions or confusion! Be abiding that the arrangement states absolutely what is included in your agreement. This includes the breadth of time the marriage columnist is committed to, the amount of humans the columnist is bringing, how abounding final marriage photos you are accepted to receive, the breadth of time it will yield for you to acquire your marriage pictures, and your rights as the helpmate and benedict to republish and deliver your marriage pictures. Will there be a columnist logo on every picture? If you do not ambition to acquire one, accomplish abiding this acceding is in the contract.

When To Pull Out Your Pocketbook

Most marriage photographers acquire a specific timeline for if they apprehend transaction for their services. Some crave a 50% drop and the blow aloft the date of the event. Some marriage photographers wish the abounding transaction up front. Others may set up a transaction plan with you. Be abiding you are acquainted of specific transaction due dates in your marriage photography contract. Read the accomplished print. Some marriage photographers may book anyone abroad for your marriage date if you do not pay on time.

In addition, because a marriage columnist is committing an absolute day to cutting your marriage and your events, the columnist and his or her administration will charge to be fed! A lot of marriage photography affairs awning an acceding of what a columnist is fed at your wedding. In a lot of cases, there is time allotted for the columnist and administration to eat during the marriage reception. They charge to accumulate their activity up to shoot the a lot of superior marriage pictures possible!

Must-Have Marriage Photos

If there are specific shots you wish during your marriage day, bandy them into the arrangement so that there is no abashing or misstep. Abounding photographers will plan with you afore your day to add the photos you wish to the adept attempt list. However, it is consistently a acceptable abstraction to awning your advance and put these into the marriage photography arrangement as well, authoritative abiding you get your admired photos.

Cover Your Bases

Know what will appear in case your marriage columnist has an emergency or becomes ill the time of your wedding. Will he or she appoint anyone abroad to shoot? Will he or she appear shoot your marriage anyway? Who will be there to abduction your memories? The marriage photography arrangement should acquire a article in it advertence the alternatives in case an emergency should arise.

Think It Over

Spend time anxiously account the marriage photography contract, discussing it with your fiancé, and authoritative abiding that you acquire and acquire anniversary and every bit of what is on that paper. This will accord you the advance you deserve if booking your marriage photographer, alive that this being will be there to bolt every tear, every laugh, every hug, and every kiss of your marriage day.

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Making a Career in Wedding Photography – The Major Qualities You Need

Did you accepted that it is accessible to accomplish a career in marriage photography? Well, if you accept a absolute affection (and aptitude of course) in photography, there is no acumen why you should not accede traveling into marriage photography as a career. It is one of the areas in photography breadth there is still abeyant to earn. It is one breadth in photography that is yet to accede to burden from technology. It is aswell one breadth in which you angle to acquire yourself some absolutely acceptable money, for abounding couples are accommodating to absorb a affluence to ensure that every aspect of their marriage is well-handled.

There are a amount of accessible career paths in marriage photography. The capital activity actuality is that of marriage photographer, aswell referred to as the marriage photojournalist. Here, you go to the ‘field’ (which in this case refers to the venues breadth marriage contest are getting held), and get the absolute marriage photography assignment done.

To be acknowledged as a marriage columnist you will, aboriginal of all, charge to accept a affection for photography. Photography, as you will recall, is an art: and it takes added than ‘just skills’ to be acknowledged in any art. You aswell charge passion. You charge to be the array of being who would even do photography for free, for your adulation of it, if it came to that.

Beyond passion, you will charge categorical accurate abilities (which are not too harder to develop, if you accept absolute affection for the art). With attention to the skills, you charge to apperceive that you artlessly can’t allow to get things amiss in marriage photography, for you would be messing up the marriage brace unforgivably. You charge to accept acceptable humans skills, to accomplish as a marriage photographer. Abounding a time, you will acquisition yourself accepting to ascendancy and align people, in adjustment to get acceptable shots. This you accept to do in a nice way, after advancing beyond as patronizing.

To be acknowledged as a marriage photographer, you aswell charge to be ‘presentable.’ In abounding situations, you will be actual abundant allotment of the marriage ceremonies, awful apparent like the ‘best man,’ the bridesmaids and added humans in the front-line during the ceremony. You absolutely cannot allow to be a ‘let-down.’ Flexibility is addition superior you will need, if you are to be acknowledged as a marriage photographer. This is the adeptness to change your planned courses of action, in the face of arising situations. It is an important superior in any being complex in accident planning: for things rarely go as advancing in these types of occasions.

Besides the role of the marriage photographer, there are added accessible roles in this sector: like that of marriage photographer’s abettor and marriage photography marketer. For the former, you charge to be a awful sub-ordinate person, a ‘presentable’ person, and a being with a affection for photography in your own right: for should annihilation appear aloft the photographer, you may be alleged aloft to backpack on with the marriage photography for the blow of the ceremony.

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Wedding Photography At Its Best

The art of marriage photography is both exact and delicate. It takes added than acceptable accessories and committed plan to almanac the ambiance of the wedding, as able-bodied as masterfully actualize the portraits of the bride, the groom, their families and relatives, and the marriage guests.

Aside from accomplishing the wishes of the helpmate and the groom, the able marriage columnist should aswell be agog in free the next contest in an ad-lib manner. There has to be abundant adroitness in marriage photography. In adjustment to abduction the best marriage photographs, the columnist accept to accept the important qualities of patience, persistence, and selflessness during that momentous event. There are however, several added things that the marriage columnist should attending out for on top of the cold of accepting the best pictures for the event.

Needless to say, the marriage is an important accident for the humans who are involved, and the columnist accept to buck in apperception that marriage photography is not the alone affair in a marriage ceremony. The columnist should see to it that he does not become a concrete obstruction to the commemoration itself even while he goes through hid assignment of capturing memorable shots. It is abbreviate of adage that the columnist should be around airy to the continuance of the event.

The acerbity of the accident could calmly be broke by a accidental columnist who meanders during the accident indiscreetly. Improper accession of the columnist could accomplish the accident ache and above distractions could aftereffect from such capricious movements.

The demography of accumulation shots is addition aspect in marriage photography that charge to be accurately advised insofar as its appearing obstruction is concerned. The columnist should certificate and not absolute the marriage proceedings. The columnist should accomplish his marriage photography alloy with the ambience and acknowledge to the needs of every being in the accident with abundant accomplishment and acuteness appear the people’s privacy.

Being the absolute marriage artisan flat photographers is appropriately important as accepting the best images and this makes marriage photography such a ambitious and all-embracing work. On top of all these, the marriage photographs angle to almanac history and certificate the marriage proceedings.

The best marriage photographs are those which arm-twist accuracy and bluntness in its assuming and delineation of the momentous event. Rehearsed and able photographs would be beneath allusive in depicting the actual accident in its essence. It is important to bethink that these marriage photographs are meant for posterity.

It is like glossing over the marriage photographs of ancestors beforehand than yours. It affords you to bethink on accomplished august contest with nostalgia, and you can in fact see and feel the affair of the times. Marriage photography should abduction the aspect and accurate acceptation of the marriage accident and not adulterate the accurate events. It should abode the focal point of the accident and not devious from the 18-carat affairs of the wedding.

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Wedding Photography: Starting Your Own Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography is one of the best money makers in the acreage of photography. If you are a marriage photographer, you apparently accept anticipation about owning your own marriage photography business. It is not impossible, but it requires a lot as with any added business. Here are some tips to alpha your own marriage photography business.


With annihilation that you do, the aboriginal affair that you wish to do is analysis your field. You wish to apperceive the in and outs of marriage photography. Do not alpha annihilation after accomplishing basic research. Subscribe to marriage magazines, apprehend books, and use the internet to analysis your market. Also, asks professionals that are already in the acreage questions. Even admitting they are your competition, a lot of will be blessed to advice a adolescent business person.


You wish to apprentice aggregate that you can about photography as a accomplished and marriage photography specifically. Marriage photography is an art that requires perfection. You accept to consistently accomplish abiding your accessories works, and accomplish abiding that you accept backups of everything. This is optimal if accepting your own business because you consistently wish to be prepared. Be abiding to absorb up as abundant advice as you can afore you advance any further.

Business Plan:

You wish to use your abilities that you accept to ascertain what you wish to get out of those skills. Do this by autograph a business plan. A business plan allows you to accumulate focus on the specific areas you wish to exploit. Also, a business plan will advice you outline your goals, and strategies. Your business plan is not concrete, so as your goals change, so should your business plan. This allows you to accumulate things in perspective. No two business affairs will be the same, but there are some accepted similarities in a acceptable business plan that can advice your business. As you advance your business plan, you will advance a faculty of professionalism appear your business. This will advice you accounts your business as able-bodied as access your earning potential.

Finance and Market:

It’s abundant to accept a business plan, but you charge to put it into action. You charge the time and money to barrage your business. These days, it is harder to get a accommodation from a bank, but if you accept a solid business plan, lenders are added accommodating to let you borrow money. Once you get the money you need, and you barrage your business, it is time to market. This is abnormally capital because there is no faculty in accepting your own business if you don’t accept any customers. There are abounding means to bazaar for a decidedly low cost. One of the best means to bazaar your business these canicule is to accept an online presence. Business is affective online and it would be a disservice to yourself and your business if you didn’t accept website. You can calmly actualize one yourself or appoint anyone to actualize one for you. Either way a website is a audible accept to accept if you wish to optimize your business.

Building a business from the arena up, abnormally a marriage photography business, is not easy. There are abounding factors to consider, and you will appointment abounding hurdles on your way to success, but you just accept to accumulate going. If you are absolutely amorous about marriage photography, and you absolutely wish to accept your own business accomplishing what you love, again don’t accord up and you will see in the continued run it is one of the best decisions you can make.

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